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by | May 14, 2020

Dear Bro/Sis,

Our NAC40 raffle draw will be
on June 15, 2020, the updated details thereof are as follows:

1) Deadline of remittances of payments is EXTENDED from May 15 to May 25, 2020 in view of Covid ECQs. Deposit to BCBP NAC 40 Ways & Means/BPI Davao Bajada Branch CA# 9831-0051-46

2) Scan dep slip & send to w/ list of ticket# sold, donor’s name, donor’s phone# in excel format.

3) No need to return the sold ticket stubs or the unsold booklets, we will do electronic raffle. However, please email us also list of ticket#s unsold for recon.

4) Only sold tickets with payments remitted on or before May 25 are considered sold and eligible to win in the raffle.

5) The electronic raffle on June 15 will be supervised by BCBP National Office.

Thank you for your usual support. God bless BCBP.